IFK welcomes UF companies at Blå Torget

IFK Skövde HK and UF Skaraborg in a new and creative partnership.
IFK leases exposure and sales space on Blå Torget to UF companies in connection with the elite team’s home matches. Blå Torget is IFK’s meeting place with catering and sales points in the foyer at Arena Skövde.

Eva Guggenheim Regional Manager Young Enterprise Skaraborg:
– We look forward to starting this association cooperation together with IFK Skövde HK! Our UF students will get really good sales opportunities thanks to this, while the handball audience will have the opportunity to buy exciting products from our young entrepreneurs in Skaraborg.

At six selected matches with a premiere on Thursday 19 October, when Hammarby visits the arena, UF companies are represented at Blå Torget. Other sales opportunities will be 15 Nov, 30 Nov, 19 Dec, 4 Feb, and 29 Feb.

IFK’s marketing and events manager Marcus Dahl is very satisfied: –
It is a super exciting collaboration in many different ways. The hope is that the UF companies will reach out with their goods and services to completely new target groups, while at the same time our handball visitors will have a new “event” at Blå Torget.
I also see positive effects linked to IFK’s existing and possibly new cooperation and network partners.

Text & photo: IFK Skövde HK

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